Creating your saddles

Your inspiration, with our support

Our aim is to create the saddles you want.

By closely working with you, we will design, develop and manufacture a single saddle model, or a complete saddle range, that you will be proud to put your name to.

As your range evolves, we will be there to listen and respond to any new ideas you may have.

We can arrange logo stamps, branded head-nails and also supply your logo embroidered saddle-covers.

Work order form

Keep it simple

With experience, we have found jointly, developing an order form with our customers, greatly reduces any misunderstandings that may occur throughout the manufacturing process.

All options are clearly listed. Ordering is just a case of ticking the appropriate boxes.

A comments box if there is anything else you would like to include in your order.

The order form is updated as your range evolves.


Made to be adjusted

Our tree’s are made using a polypropylene blend, specifically developed to provide the required strength but also provides the correct degree of flex, for the comfort of horse and rider.

We utilise two systems, one with a gullet-plate that is designed to be adjusted in a tree machine and the other, with a changeable gullet-plate options.

If you wish to develop your own exclusive tree, we can offer support there too.


The best choice for your saddle

The vast majority of saddles we make are full covered.

For the covering leather, we use a wide selection of leathers, from Italian calf, German cow hides, to more economical domestic Indian leather.

The hard leathers we use are from, German, U.K., Mexico, to Indian cow leather and of course Indian buffalo.

Cutting leather

An evolution

From cutting by hand with a clicking knife, to press knives and a power press, to now cutting digitally with a laser, we use all three.

Digital cutting is a major leap forward, not only for accuracy, but it also provides us the ability to cut far more intricate shapes, for logo’s etc.

Know how

Using what we have learned

We have been making saddles for well established saddle brands since 2004, in that time, we have nurtured a skilled and loyal production staff.

Many of our production staff have been with us from the beginning.

All of the production team are full time staff members.
We do not use a contractor system, as many saddle makers in India do.

Finished saddle

The final word

Your inspiration, with the support of our dedicated production staff.

Options Book

Our Cutting Machine

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